Nazarene Theological Seminary

Post any experiences you've had either in visiting or attending Nazarene Theological Seminary.


D.M. said...

Just so the reader will understand, I went to NTS for a MA in Theology (others who have gone for M. Div. have had a different experience).

I found the academic level of NTS to be of an acceptable level and the content of the classes to be helpful.

What else I found was a school where the vast majority of the student population is heavily steeped in liberation theology. Some of the professors also subscribe to this condemned theology.

The main points of disagreement I had with the school revolved around their advocation of socialism, theology from experience, and (some students) advocating the feminist movement in conjunction with the gay and lesbian rights movement.

Anonymous said...

social activism, value on experience, and feminism? i should go to nts!

Anonymous said...

advocating the feminist movement in conjunction with the gay and lesbian rights movement. ... at NTS, is this April the first or something? I think this post is a wind up.

NTS Friend said...

I don't know who this rose guy is but NTS is not the liberal school he's painted... it is merely a moderate ecangelical-Wesleyan school with a tinge of open-mindedness and a flavor of process theology. The big drawback is no campus life--taking courses online is almost as good for there is little "learning community" at the institution I'm afraid.

Sarah & Joshua Derck said...

My wife and I are both recent graduates of IWU and NTS. As former students at IWU, we both found NTS a perfect fit. It is a place to grow and be discipled, minister and be ministered to. I think any prof at either NTS or IWU would tell you that education is a process of growing and stretching your whole self, and sometimes that means examining and considering a wide range of concepts, even if you eventually discard some of them. Simply learning about concepts does not equal embracing them, and teachers who teach about them should not be labeled as proponents. The bottom line: go to seminary somewhere that with stretch you.

I am not sure if this is the place to respond directly to D. M. Rose about his rather reactionary perspective on NTS, but I have to say that he unfortunately missed the conversational nature of this school, both in and out of the classroom. ‘Socialism,’ ‘liberation theology,’ and the ‘gay and lesbian rights movement’? That’s an absolutely laughable interpretation of what goes on at this school. Did you even go to class?

To a person, every professor is unendingly approachable, eager to invest in students, and scholars at the top of their fields. NTS is an excellent place for women called to any sort of ministry. Social justice is important to NTS students and faculty, and the place of experience in theology is considered thoughtfully. Hmmm…sounds thoroughly Wesleyan, doesn’t it? We would welcome any questions or comments.

Sarah & Joshua Derck
Peace & Towels