Azuza Pacific

Post any experiences you've had either in visiting or attending Haggard School of Theology at Azuza Pacific.


Mr. Imperial said...

Dr. Schenck - I came across your blog (and its subsidiaries) through Stephanie Immordino...despite the fact that I'm a Houghton grad. So I hope that doesn't taint the small testimony I bring to this website :-).

At any rate, this past summer I had the opportunity to visit AP, and it seemed to be a very solid school. Its strengths definitely seem to lay in the multi-lingual side of things, as well as in the psych department. It offers a great MDiv program, though I found it lacking with regards to other theological programs.

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm neither a current nor prospective student of Azusa (I'm not Wesleyan and am going to Biola - Azusa's arch rival, rd. Taylor), I went to visit Dr. David Wright (former IWU religion prof and current Dean at Haggard) a couple weeks ago and got a tour of the campus (actually campuses - they have 2), so I thought I'd share what I found out.

Dr. Wright said that even though Azusa is one of IWU's sister schools and is officially Wesleyan(they even have a John Wesley statue like IWU), it's far less tied to the denomination than IWU, the crown jewel of Wesleyanism. In his words, "Azusa is not like Indiana Wesleyan" - which I took to mean that Azusa is quite a bit more liberal than IWU and is really more inter-denominational (like Fuller) than Wesleyan. From what Dr. Wright said, I would say that Azusa is between Biola and Fuller on the conservative/liberal divide.

Still, Azusa has a nice campus(not as posh as IWU though)- especially the Duke Academic Complex, where Haggard School of Theology is located - actually, it's the sweetest seminary building I've ever seen. Plus, as Azusa is the largest Christian university in California (4,200), it offers a lot (even football - Azusa is probably the top Christian university in the country at sports) and is a good deal financially.

I believe Azusa would probably be the most natural progression for a Wesleyan IWU graduate headed to seminary. As an IWU graduate, I would not recommend attending a seminary that is not part of a university, such as Asbury, Dallas, or Fuller. Those are more tailored to older students with families and a recent IWU graduate will probably find them very difficult to adjust to (as was the case for me at Fuller). If you are Wesleyan and want to live in California, I would definitely recommend Azusa (Haggard). If you are not Wesleyan, but would also like to live in California, I would strongly recommend Biola (Talbot).

I hope and pray that you seek God's guidance in your journey after IWU.