Wesley Biblical Seminary

Post any experiences you've had either in visiting or attending Wesley Biblical Seminary.


ViaMediaHaze said...

WBS is an awesome school!! This is my 4th semester and the learning that can be done under the likes of Dr. John Oswalt, Dr. Bill Ury, and Dr. Gary Cockerill cannot be matched. I could not think of myself at any other school than Wesley Biblical Seminary.

Amber Janelle said...

I've been in classes for one week--so my opinion may not matter too much yet. Yet so far my impression of WBS has been more than positive. I am so glad that the Lord led me here, and I am amazed by the ways He has already shaped me through the school

Sean Scribner said...

I am a recent graduate of WBS. My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. The first year was difficult for my wife and me. It was hard to move away from home (Ohio) and engage in graduate level studies. But WBS offers students such a wonderfully full-orbed experience that the difficulties of the first year were worth it in the long run.

At WBS you will be transformed at every level of your personhood. You will learn so much academically, but you will also be transformed spiritually, relationally, etc. That is because WBS engages the whole person through courses, chapel, discipleship, and one on one interaction with the faculty. In addition, the seminary values communion and thus seeks to foster true Christian fellowship. The friendships you will forge at WBS will be deep and lasting and will have a formative impact on the Christian life of you and your family.

WBS does not offer the latest and greatest facilities and resources. It does not have brand new multi-million dollar buildings with cutting edge technology. But the depth of substance at WBS far outweighs any lack of style. In my humble and honest opinion, there is no better seminary in America. Of course, that assumes one values top-notch scholarship, transforming spiritual formation, and true Christian community.

Amber Janelle said...

I am about to begin my second year at WBS, and I have been reflecting on my time spent there thus far. I want to share some of that reflection with anyone considering seminary. My experience has been life-changing and eye-opening to say the least.

1) If you're debating whether SEMINARY IS WORTH IT for local church ministry, I testify that it is more than worth it. I realize more each day how little I know about ministry--and how much more it is possible to learn. After one semester at WBS, I returned to the church where I had served on staff for three years to preach. Once the service was over, person after person who had sat under my previous ministry approached me and said, "WoW! I thought you could preach before, but oh my goodness!" "You've grown so much down there in just a few months!" "Seminary is really helping you!" Reflecting on my personal spiritual walk and ministry, I have no doubts that seminary is more than worth it. Three more years in the classroom will enable your years in the field to be much more productive.

2) If you're looking for a CHALLENGE, even after having a ministry bachelors degree under your belt, WBS is definitely a place for you. I suppose, being honest, I worried that it would be difficult to top the ministry education I received at Indiana Wesleyan University. However, despite the intense training I received with a double major in the Religion Department while at IWU, WBS has been a very stretching experience for me. The academics and ministry-training are rigorous, reaching a profoundly deeper level than what is possible in an undergraduate degree. There's no lack of a challenge here.

3) WBS is offering some unique degrees that can be completed in a shorter than usual amount of time and at much less than the usual cost. Financially, it's a smart choice of good stewardship.

These are just three reasons of many I would encourage WBS for someone thinking about seminary. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at amber.livermore@gmail.com.